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2018 Winter Tour Photo Links:

  • Larry Oskin Clermont Pictures only, by Larry Oskin, Art Beautique, Clermont.

2017 Winter Tour links:

2016 Winter Tour links​:

  • Ocala Star Banner:
  • The Villages Daily Sun:

If you wish to submit photos I'd be happy to include them. I'd appreciate receiving them in JPEG format. 

Thank you! 

John Farr
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In preparation for the 2019 Winter Tour you should read a review of "Florida's Gilded Age," a magazine article by Kelli Fuqua Hart. The link will take you to pages 24-29 for an interesting summary of the History of the area. 
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May Day 2018
2019 Winter Tour Update

Hi everyone, the interest in Winter Tour of the St Augustine area, Feb 2019 has been tremendous.  

In light of the historical fact that there are always 10-15% cancellations, we will continue to accept registration forms. Why so many cancellations you ask? We've heard: mechanical problems, health issues, a new grand baby...even trouble getting the trailer out of a snow bank! All very we just roll with it and use a waiting list to assure a full tour. The only thing that we ask (BEG really) please let us know as soon as possible so we have time to allow someone else to come! 

We have registered 127 cars now and are building the "WAIT LIST". Our self imposed 120 car limit is firm, due to the trailer parking issues at the Renaissance.

To avoid confusion, we temporarily "retire" the car number if someone cancels, so you'll probably see car numbers up to 135 or 140 by February 24, 2019.

Thank you for your continued interest! Please encourage those that haven't registered to do so immediately.

Best regards,

Steve Ellis
Adam and Karen Krawchuk
and the Tin Lizzie Club
Model T Ford Winter Tour

Personal Identity Protection Notice

Due to recent issues regarding personal identity protection, we (the organizers of the Model T Ford Winter Tour, a club and non-profit entity) are assuming by your registration and attendance, as well as over ten years of past practice, your permission to use your likeness and those of your guests in photos of the event, potentially published in various channels such as the Model T Club magazines, local media, our www: Tin website and/or the Model T Ford Winter Tour Facebook page.

This media coverage is intended to provide enjoyment and encourage participation in our Model T hobby, without any commercial or financial value.

If you do not want to be in such photos it will be your responsibility to either move out of such photographic fields, or notify the specific photographer not to use your likeness or your guests .

Steve Ellis, Planner
Adam and Karen Krawchuk Co-Planners
John Farr, President
Tin Lizzie Club of North Central Florida