John and all...

This confirms our announcement last night at the 2020 Winter Tour closing banquet. Next year (2021) we'll be going back to the Mission Inn in Howey-in-the-Hills, FL:  Their reservation phone number: 800-874-9053.

Click here for an excellent description of Mission Inn and its many amenities.

We recommend that people plan to arrive on Saturday, March 6th. Touring routes will be offered for March 7-11. Plan on departing March 12th. The room rates include their incredible breakfast! The Deluxe rooms (100 are available) will cost $139 per night and the Club Suites will cost $159 per night. Please DO NOT book a room unless you are quite certain you will come!

There is RV camping nearby (3 miles). We recommend:

More details will follow regarding the daily plans and overall cost for registration.

We look forward to welcoming you once again to this beautiful resort!

Steve and the Tin Lizzie Club of NC Florida


​Hi all...two things:

# 1 As of March 18th, we have 50 rooms booked (98 people) at the Mission Inn. That is AMAZING! Anne Marie, the reservations lady, LOVES our enthusiasm at the same time that they are receiving lots of cancellation calls due to the virus.  

# 2 Thanks for the heads up from Jon G. For the Motorhome people: Fisherman's Cove will not accept reservations this far in advance. After speaking with them yesterday, the recommendation is to call AFTER May 1st. There are other options, but all are much less convenient ( 8-9 miles away): Rolling Ridge RV, 231-883-4963, Bee's RV, 352-429-2116 and Clerbrook Golf and RV, 352-394-5513.

Thank you again for making 2020 a fun time, and continuing to support our youth activities.

We hope everyone got home safely! Stay healthy and come back next year!

Winter Tour
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Thank you! 

John Farr
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2021 Tour Information,
Howey-in-the Hills 
(Rooms at Mission Inn are almost sold out)
Videos and Pictures - 2020 Gainesville Tour

2021 Model T Ford Winter Tour Announcement

It has been a very long month since the 2020 Winter Tour officially ended and we went our different directions. Many of us drove away from Gainesville, FL hoping to enjoy "one more year" with all of our T friends. The Virus issues that followed made us realize how fortunate we were to enjoy Gainesville before quarantines were imposed! There was overwhelming enthusiasm after hearing it would be returning to the Mission Inn, a classic resort in Howie-in-the Hill, FL, March 2021. Check it out:

We hope that you will enjoy some of the unique offerings of the Mission Inn. Shorter routes allow extra time. Their pool area, game rooms, conversation areas, walking trails, and other features should be enjoyed! If you play golf, they have two excellent courses!

We will share what at we are planning, but also ask for your patience since all of these plans will be contingent on our economy's recovery after the virus. In the coming months we will be speaking with people to assure that they will be operating when we are touring. If not, we'll adjust! This has added an element of concern and complication, but it is manageable and we remain enthusiastic! Our tentative itinerary includes these major stops:

Sunday, March 7:  
  • Option 1- Renninger's Flea Market and Antique Mall
  • Option 2- Yalaha Bakery and Lakeridge Winery
  • Option 3- Yalaha Bakery and Sara Maude Mason Park
  • Opening Banquet

Monday, March 8:  lake region country driving to: Sunsational Citrus (a local citrus processor with gift shop and Ice Cream!), lunch and shopping in Mount Dora! 

Tuesday, March 9: more country driving to: Oakland Nature Preserve, Winter Garden, Old Time Boat Company (for the wood workers and craftsmen in our group?) Ice Cream Social and Auction

Wednesday, March 10: more country driving to: Avian Reconditioning Center, Kelly Park,   Oak Haven Farms (Strawberry picking? and Wine sampling?) 

Thursday, March 11: more country driving to:  Clermont (Historic lakefront and village, shops and our lunch stop),  Howey Mansion ( much renovation has now but completed on this historic 1927 residence of the man who's name remains indelibly linked to this area ) Closing Banquet

Additional options being explored: 1) 
  • Lake Apopka Wildlife?? 8-9 miles through a swamp on top of dikes!
  • a Blueberry farm??
  • Seminole Springs Herb Farm??
  • an optional route for those wanting to experience Disney Springs, through their "back door" with approx 9 miles of sand roads?? This will keep you off the highest traffic route (State Route 192)

We will hold the registration cost flat again this year!  $175 per person, children continue to be free!  This includes banquets, Ice Cream Social, any entrance fees or donations, goodie bags, tee shirts, and at least a lunch or two.  

We ask that the registration form and payment be send it ONLY if you are able to confirm a room at the Mission Inn. To enjoy the camaraderie, we encourage everyone to stay at the Mission Inn. Guest rooms will be our controlling factor in 2021. Please check availability and book first! Reservations: 800-874-9053 Rate: $139 / $159 plus taxes.  Taxes at this time are: 7% state sales tax, and 4% local tax. The net cost will be $157.98 due at the time of reservation. The resort fee is waived for our group. There will be no waiting list this year. If you can book a room, we'll process your postmarked registration until 12/31/2020.

To address any lingering virus concerns:

  • cancellations prior to Dec 31, 2020 will receive 100% refunds.

  • cancellations after Dec 31, 2020 refunds will take into account our committed expenditures , but likely will be no more than 50%.

Hope to see you next year!

Steve and the Tin Lizzie Club of NC Florida

Click here to download above page. To print go to 3 dashes on top right of page..
Click here to download above page. To print go to 3 dashes on top right of page..
COVID-19 Update

Hi everyone....

I was intending to wait a bit longer to give our registered tour participants an update, but I have started hearing "rumors"...and I want to squash them.

We remain HOPEFUL that we can enjoy a 2020 Model T Ford Winter Tour. Though we are in uncharted waters with this virus stuff, we never-the-less hope that by then things will calm. It seems that the hotel is nearly booked. We have 70 cars firmly registered. I am tracking many others that have rooms or RV reservations and just haven't sent their registration papers in to be processed. Clearly, people are looking forward to the event, and celebrating our independence from this virus! We miss seeing each other! I think we are on track for another 120-140 car tour. Here is my current thinking:

#1 we don't have to do anything for a while! Simply stay safe and healthy...keep our fingers crossed, say our prayers and see how things go as we approach fall and winter.  

#2 IF the virus numbers remain high in the country and specifically FL around October/November/December, it will be out of my hands. No one will be allowed to congregate in large numbers. It wouldn't be safe, and we wouldn't enjoy it. We would have to cancel the Tour.

#3 I plan to make a FINAL decision no later than January 1st.  This is good for us...and respectful of the Mission Inn too, They have been great to us and need to give them every opportunity to re-book.

A) If it looks promising on January 1st, then we'll place all of the orders, pay additional deposits and move ahead. In this case, if we are subsequently told that we can't meet, I expect we'll be able to return around 50% of the registration money.

B) If it doesn't look likely or safe for us to plan the tour (decision no later than January 1st) then I will return 100% of your money immediately.

You remain in control of your own situation. Last year we had approximately 25% cancellations due to last minute concerns. Fortunately, no one reported any illness after last year's tour! We are SO thankful! If you are concerned or have other personal issues, please don't wait until the last minute to let me know that you want to cancel. It gets very hectic and this year will be far worse.
We hope this helps you understand our thinking. Please let us hear from you! We always appreciate your suggestions!  

And finally, please feel free to share this information with others that might be interested.

Steve and the Tin Lizzie Club of North Cenrtal Florida team... 
Hi All!

As things get closer, I'll be sending out an update on the tour and the Covid situation. Jill and I have observed a lot of people in several regions of the country and also spoke with many others over the last month. I remain quite optimistic that we'll enjoy the tour safely. I expect that we will have more widely used therapeutics very soon that will very dramatically reduce the incidence, severity, and spread of the virus. We know of a few people that have been treated with drugs like our President, with similar results. The introduction of a vaccine might also help those that haven't already acquired antibodies. The reality is that we will learn to live with this one, just like the seasonal flu, Herpes, Shingles, HIV, Ebola, Sars, etc. There are 219 viruses known to infect humans ( We haven't eliminated any of them. We develop antibodies and live with them.

Keep the spirits up, cars running and enjoy the fall safely!