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2018 Winter Tour Photo Links:

  • Larry Oskin Clermont Pictures only, by Larry Oskin, Art Beautique, Clermont.

2017 Winter Tour links:

2016 Winter Tour links​:

  • Ocala Star Banner:
  • The Villages Daily Sun:

If you wish to submit photos I'd be happy to include them. I'd appreciate receiving them in JPEG format. 

Thank you! 

John Farr
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December-January Winter Tour Update

 We have had fewer cancellations than usual, and the waiting list remains long. We are working to secure additional trailer parking, and if successful, we may be able to clear the waiting list. Final preparations are underway, and small details are being worked out. Most of all, we wish wish could control the weather! It seems much more unpredictable! We will give you a final update by the end of January but probably we will advise that you pack for cooler weather...and hope we are wrong!

Merry Christmas and wishing all Peace on Earth  

Steve, Adam, Karen and the Tin Lizzie of NC FL team 
In preparation for the 2019 Winter Tour you should read a review of "Florida's Gilded Age," a magazine article by Kelli Fuqua Hart. The link will take you to pages 24-29 for an interesting summary of the History of the area. 
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February 24-28, 2019, 
St. Augustine, FL 
Model T Ford Winter Tour

Special Youth Auction Raffle: $25 per ticket, or $100 for five tickets

1922 Engine/Transmission complete with Starter, Generator, Water Pump and even the oil in the crankcase. Includes new Stainless Valves, Aluminum Pistons, Rods, etc. 

Listen to it run at the Winter Tour. 

 The winning ticket will be drawn during the Auction. The engine will be removed from the run stand and placed on an engine stand so it can be wheeled into your trailer and taken home. If you can't pick it up in St Augustine, arrange for someone to haul it for you. Shipping is not included.

Email: [email protected] for further information and to purchase tickets.​

Model T Ford Winter Tour

Personal Identity Protection Notice

Due to recent issues regarding personal identity protection, we (the organizers of the Model T Ford Winter Tour, a club and non-profit entity) are assuming by your registration and attendance, as well as over ten years of past practice, your permission to use your likeness and those of your guests in photos of the event, potentially published in various channels such as the Model T Club magazines, local media, our www: Tin website and/or the Model T Ford Winter Tour Facebook page.

This media coverage is intended to provide enjoyment and encourage participation in our Model T hobby, without any commercial or financial value.

If you do not want to be in such photos it will be your responsibility to either move out of such photographic fields, or notify the specific photographer not to use your likeness or your guests .

Steve Ellis, Planner
Adam and Karen Krawchuk Co-Planners
John Farr, President
Tin Lizzie Club of North Central Florida

2019 Engine Raffle Details

  • The raffle will be held in conjunction with the Youth Auction, February 26, 2019. Raffle tickets will be sold until the beginning of the auction, approximately 6:00 pm.

  • Ticket purchasers will be recorded on a spreadsheet by ticket number. This spreadsheet will be available for public viewing before and after the drawing. Half of the two part ticket will be retained in a sealed container (for the drawing) and half will go to the purchaser.

  • As in past years we will recommend 1/3 ea. of auction proceeds to the following to be used for youth activities only: Piquette Ave Plant, MTFCA Museum, and the MTFCI Schlorship Fund.

  • Transportation is not included. We will provide a wheeled engine cart to the buyer. We may not have a way to raise it high enough to place it into a truck body, therefore we suggest that it be rolled into a trailer.

  • Non-monetary donations for this project have come from Lang's Old Car Parts, Ron's Machine Shop, George Akin, Chuck Ufkes & Ben Wasman.

​ As we approach the end of the year, we'll provide an update on the Engine Raffle and the Winter Tour in general...

December 17, 2018 update: Much interest has been expressed and many people have asked for raffle tickets. To date, we have collected $1,200 on the raffle and have about "broken even" on the club's investment. We remain hopeful that this will raise a special bit of money for the charities supported by the Model T Ford Winter Tour: MTFCA Museum youth activities, MTFCI youth scholarships, and Piquette Avenue Plant youth activities. It's highly unlikely we'll have another raffle like this in the future.
​October, 2018

Hi everyone...

Our chapter has had an opportunity to assist with a local estate disbursal and in the process ended up with a really nice 1922 engine/transmission. The bottom line is that it is a very low hour engine, torn down due to a broken transmission drum. We've gone through it, have it running on a engine stand and it's now ready for this special charity raffle. Proceeds will go to the three youth charities that we have supported in the past: MTFCI Youth Scholarships, MTFCA Museum Youth Activities and Piquette Avenue Plan Youth Activities.  

It will come complete with an NH Carburetor, new Exhaust Manifold, Starter, Generator, even the oil in the crankcase! If you are able to attend the Winter Tour, you can hear it run on our run stand! Additional information about it can be found on our local website:   

You might not need it right now, but maybe you know someone that does? I also wonder if some of the chapters out there might be interested in "sharing" a spare engine? Please pass along this information to anyone you feel might be interested. Delivery must occur at the Winter Tour so you may need to arrange for someone to pick it up for you.

We are accepting money and sending back ticket stubs right now! $25 each or 5 for $100. This could be a cheap engine for someone, and the proceeds will go to a good cause.

Best regards,

Steve Ellis, Adam and Karen Krawchuck & The Tin Lizzie Club of NC Florida