Photo Gallery
Bruce Mensinga sitting behind Bill Holzmann's 1914 huckster at Cruise-in at Spanish Springs. (2009)
Bill Holzmann at Spanish Springs Cruise-in. (2009)
Lookie-lous by Bobb Partridge's 1922 runabout. (2009)
Jim Paynter, Steve Ellis and Patty Meyers (2009)
Bill Holzmann, Bruce & Arlene Mensinga (2009)
Jim Paynter's 1922 Paddy Wagon. (2009)
Dave & Pam Wightman's 1912 Touring, Bobb Partridge's 1922 runabout, Howard Holme's 1927 Runabout (2009)
John Farr on right. (2009)
Ingeborg Holzmann (2009)
Bill Holzmann and his 1929 Indian Motorcycle. Motorcycle currently in Illinois. (Picture taken before 2006)
Neighbor of Steve Ellis, Jimmy Loux and Steve working on Bill Holzmann's 1914 huckster in Bill's garage. (2009)
Dave and Pam Wightman in period costumes with their 1912 touring and John Farr's 1922 Huckster wagon in back. (2009)
Dave Wightman (blue shirt) and his 1912 touring (2009)
Craig Griffith, Bruce Mensinga and Jim Paynter. (2009)
Buster Keaton
Laurel and Hardy
Laurel and Hardy
Map of The Villages' golf current courses, plus Perkins' and Cruise-in locations.

Laurel and Hardy pouring rice  (or was it oatmeal?) into Model T radiator.
Henry Ford posing with his first car (the 1896 quadricycle) and the 10 millionth Model T Ford. This photograph was taken in 1924 during the celebrations for the 30th anniversary of the Ford Motor Company. (1924)
1926 Ford Touring Car ad - $290 for a brand new car!
Harold Lloyd stopping for the Keystone Cops.
Harold Lloyd and the Keystone Cops.
Ford chassis ready to be shipped.
Larry and Judy Splawn's 1926 touring. (2009)
Steve Ellis retrieved this from a barn in 1997, after being there since 1939. (1997)
Bill Holzmann's 1914 open huckster with John Farr.  (2009)
Bobb Partridge's 1922 depot hack. (2009)
Charlie and Karen Dolan's 1913 touring sporting new tires. (2009)
Charlie and Karen Dolan's 1913 touring.  (2009)
Steve Ellis 1927 touring after restoration with son Dave and daughter-in-law Katie at the wheel. (2009)
John Farr and his 1922 huckster wagon. (2009)
Steve Ellis' 1920 Six Post Express. (2009)
Steve Ellis' 1931 1/2 Model A. (2009)
John Farr and 93 year old friend Frankie Vinsentin in the 2006 St Patrick's Day Parade in Spanish Springs. Frankie was Grand Marshall from the Irish Club in Inverness. (2006)
Bill Holzmann getting ready for German Day Parade at Lake Sumter Landing (2009)
Bill Holzmann with friend from German Club. (2009)
Picture taken from back of Bill Holzmann's car at German Day Parade. (2009)
Picture taken from back of Bill Holzmann's car at German Day Parade. (2009)
Dave and Pam Wightman (2009)
Steve Ellis and Jimmy Loux. (2009)
Jim Collop, Charlie Dolan  (2009)
Bill and Peggy Hayes. (2009)
Chuck and Gloria Ufkes (2009)
Steve Ellis and Patty Meyers on the beach on Block Island Tour (2009)
Steve Ellis' Car 42
John and Kathy Telesca and their 1914 Touring. (2009)
Jim Paynter's Paddy Wagon 12/09

St Pat's 3/10

Gainesville Tour 1
Gainesville 2
Gainesville 3
Gainesville 4
Flywheeler Park
Marcy Zajicek

Miscellaneous photos from 2009

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