The Tin Lizzie Club
of North Central Florida

We admire and/or own Vintage Vehicles from the Model T Ford Era
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Newspaper Articles from The Villages Daily Sun
 (wait for image to load. Click on image to enlarge or reduce) 

The Villages Daily Sun is always looking for positive stories about area residents. They will do a TV feature on you and your car. Contact Garry Bringman at 753-1119, ext 9331 or email. To schedule a newspaper feature, contact Michael Fortuna at 352 753-1119, ext 9234, or email. View Magazine: Jim Gibson, 787-4112. 

If you see an article of interest from any newspaper, email, mail or bring it to John Farr, who will place it on this web page.

7/14, Spotlight, Don DeWolfe

7/14, Spotlight, Howard Holmes

6/13, Cruise in, John Farr 

12/27/13, Spotlight, Ken Waller

8/17/13, Cruise in, Tom Preston

5-6/13, Model T Times, 2013 Winter Tour

4/26/13, Cruise in, John Farr

3/24/13, Spotlight, John Telesca

1/21/13, Cruise in, Dave Corman, bobb Partridge

1/17/13, Cruise in, Larry Splawn

1/13/13, Cruise in, Charlie Dolan

12/21/12, Cruise in, John Farr11/23/12 

12/12/12, Trains, Larry Splawn

11/23/12, Cruise in: Dave Wightman, Jerry Cheney, Charlie Dolan 

May-June 2012, Model T Times: Winter TourDistributor Party

1/27/12, Larry Splawn's Motometer

1/27/12, bobb Partridge award

1/24/12, Ocala Star Banner featured Bill Hayes. story

Model T Times Magazine, January/February 2012 issue, featuring Howard Holmes, John Chandler, Jim Loux and Steve Ellis: coverindexstory.

1/22/12 With TLC as the featured car club, The Villages Cruise in receives front page attention. Page 1apage 1b, page 2  

1/17/12 Charlie Dolan on front page. Story is about our Club being featured in January's Cruise in. pg1pg 2.

11/20/11 Jimmy Loux featured cover storypg 2

9/9/11 Wheels Section focuses on Charlie Dolan and his 1912 Touring pg 1, 2, 3, 4

8/21/11 Cruise in with Dave Wightman

6/ /11 Cruise in at Cody's at Lake Sumter Landing

4/22/11 Cruise in click here

3/20/11 Cruise in click here

3/4/11 Spring Tour Promo pg1pg2pg3, 3/18/11 (2 pages), Spectator

3/4/11 Ocala Star Banner

1/16/11 TLC is January's featured car club (Front Page) pg1pg2pg3

7/16/10 bobb Partridge's 1922 Roadster pg1pg2pg3pg4pg5

4/10 MTFCI memorial article -  Bill Holzmann pg1pg2

1/23/10 Sequel to 1/17 piece (photo Essay) pg 1pg 2pg 3

1/17/10 The Villages Cruise in (TLC is the featured car club) pg1pg2, pg 3

12/19/09 The Villages Cruise in pg1pg2pg3, p4p5

11/27/09 Bobb Partridge's 1981 DeLorean pg1pg 2pg 3

10/1/09, John Farr, Bobb Partridge, Model T Birthday pg 1pg 2

9/25/09, Ken and Sue Waller 1920 Touring pg 1pg 2pg 3

8/18/09, Model As block the view

8/15/09, John Farr: kids and ahooga

8/9/09, Charlie and Karen Dolan, 1913 Touring pg 1pg 2

7/24/09, John Farr, Bill Holzmann, Bruce Menzinga entering The Villages Cruise-in

7/10/09, John and Kathy Telesca, 1914 Touring pg 1pg 2pg 3

7/2/12, Steve Ellis Trip Report of new Model T Museum in Richmond, IN
3/22/13, MTFCA version of account of Winter Tour
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